Tawny – the unique cider Port


Finnbarra Dry is a typical cider that draws on the sweet and sour tannic flavor typical of the Dabinett and Michelin apple varieties grown in the Laois and Waterford orchards.
Fragrant, rippling with a delicate astringency, softened by the freshness of the juice of table apples used to sweeten and complete the cider.
If your palate prefers dry, this cider is the one for you.
The varieties of Michelin and Dabinett apples are delivered to us in mid-October and are subjected to rigorous washing and careful control to ensure a high quality fresh juice.
We use a selected champagne yeast to ferment this juice in order to promote the best characteristics of the taste that will stand out during the fermentation process.
APPEARANCE – Clear, clear, amber.
AROMA – ripe apple with hints of raspberry and honey
TASTE – dry but with a hint of honey on the palate. A slightly astringent finish with floral notes.
5.5% ABV
SERVING TEMPERATURE – 7 degrees Celsius
PAIRINGS – Tasty meats, game and pork, cheeses and cured meats.
Manufacturer: Stonewell Cider


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