Maley Cidre Mattheron 75cl


Mattheron was born from the experience of two mountain winemakers deeply linked to their territory: the Alps: Gianluca Telloli, from Valle d’Aosta, devoted to sparkling wine and in search of the ancient varieties of cider apples in Valle d’Aosta and in the Valle di Chamonix and Giorgio Maffei from Alto Adige , creator of the Alpin Charmat method.

We use varieties of Raventze, Renetta, Crétchien d’Hyver, Reine de Renetta and Granny Smith apples that come from Valle d’Aosta, Alta Savoia and Alto Adige from mountain apple trees that represent the best synthesis of biodiversity in the Alps.

The fermentation lasts about a month with the aim of maintaining the aromatic complexity of the Granny apples and of the Antey Reinette apples, leaving the tannic complexity of the Reine de Renetta to blend best with the sweetness and acidity of the Raventze.

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