Mac Ivor Traditional Dry 50cl


Many varieties of juicy apples grow in the orchard of the Mac Ivor family in County Armagh and are transformed into a delicious and refreshing artisan cider.
The production method is simple; when the apples are ripe they are harvested and pressed, then natural yeasts are added and the slow fermentation at a controlled temperature is expected, which releases all the rich flavors of the fruit.
Inspired by the aromatic ciders of northern France, Mac Ivor Traditional Dry is a traditional dry cider produced from an elegant blend of over ten different varieties of apples. The crunchy and tasty Armagh Bramley apples are used to balance the flavors of traditional table apples and sweet and sour cider apples, giving it a deep and dry style.

Tasting notes
Color: straw yellow
Appearance: low carbonation
Taste: Aroma of sweet apples with medium body and long and savory finish

Serving temperature 6 ° C.

Alcohol content: 5.6%
Manufacturer: Mac Ivor

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