Mac Ivor Medium 50cl


Many varieties of juicy apples grow in the orchard of the Mac Ivor family in County Armagh and are transformed into a delicious and refreshing artisan cider.
The production method is simple; when the apples are ripe they are harvested and pressed, then natural yeasts are added and the slow fermentation at a controlled temperature is expected, which releases all the rich flavors of the fruit.
Mac Ivor Medium is produced with a mixture of 10 different varieties of apples that give it a definite fruity aroma and a delicate background sweetness.
These characteristics make it easy to combine with spicy oriental dishes or fish dishes such as salmon.

Tasting notes
Color: straw yellow
Appearance: Low carbonation
Taste: Moderate aroma of sweet apples on light wood

Serving temperature 6 ° C.

Alcohol content: 4.5%
Manufacturer: Mac Ivor

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