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Hoila Cider cider is free of additives and is produced entirely with the best apples from South Tyrol. In addition, he was awarded the Pomme d’Or for the “Best 2015 product” in the category “still and sparkling apple cider and apple prosecco”.

ABV: 5,5 %

Producer: Melaro srls

Tasting notes

Color: light yellow

Appearance: Medium carbonation

Aroma: the aroma is intense and clear. Sweet and fruity on the nose with notes of apple juice, yellow and red apples, honey and fresh apples. But above all hints of apple juice.

Taste: starts moderately sweet with low acidity. On the medium palate red apples, light note of apple juice, honey with a touch of slightly burnt caramelized bitter. In addition, a light vinous note and a note of ethanol. It has a persistent aftertaste of caramel and red apples with a slight astringency.

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