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Hoila Cider cider is free of additives and is produced entirely with the best apples from South Tyrol. In addition, he was awarded the Pomme d’Or for the “Best 2015 product” in the category “still and sparkling apple cider and apple prosecco”.

ABV: 5,5 %

Producer: Melaro srls

Tasting notes

Color: light yellow

Appearance: Medium carbonation

Aroma: the aroma is intense and clear. Sweet and fruity on the nose with notes of apple juice, yellow and red apples, honey and fresh apples. But above all hints of apple juice.

Taste: starts moderately sweet with low acidity. On the medium palate red apples, light note of apple juice, honey with a touch of slightly burnt caramelized bitter. In addition, a light vinous note and a note of ethanol. It has a persistent aftertaste of caramel and red apples with a slight astringency.



ASPECT – light golden color

PERFUME – Ripe apple

TASTE – Slightly dry with low acidity. Fresh, fruity, balanced

ABV 6.0%

SERVING TEMPERATURE – 7 degrees Celsius

COMBINATIONS – Aperitif – meat – pizza

Manufacturer: Symix


Maley Cidre du Saint Bernard 75cl


The monks taught us to pray, to read, to write to cultivate the mountains to ferment the fruits of the earth and to preserve them.
This sweet cider is dedicated to them, a frontier cider that is born between Valle d’Aosta and the Chamonix Valley, the result of the assembly of the Ravendze, Reinetta and Aosta Chameleiarde Maude and Croison de boussy apples, the binder is the Petit apple Jaune, produced not far from the ancient abbey of Clairveaux.
Of French style but with the sharp structure of mountain apples the Cidre du Saint Bernard, is produced by partial fermentation of the apple assembly, according to the ancestral method, without the addition of yeasts.
From the golden color to the nose the Cidre du Saint Bernard gives rich sensations of ripe apple, in the mouth it is characterized by a pleasant acidity and a persuasive sweet note of pear.
Excellent with pumpkin and chestnut based dishes, ideal at the end of a meal with fruit-based desserts.
Serving temperature from 10 to 12 ° C.

Alcohol content: 3.0%
Manufacturer: Maley

Tasting notes

Apple Varieties: Raventze, Reinetta, Chamoniarde Maude, Croison de boussy, Petit Jaune
Fermentation: In steel.
Color: Golden yellow.
Bouquet: notes of white pear and apple.
Taste: notes of mimosa, violet and red apple.
Bubbles: fine.

Maley Cidre Mattheron 75cl


Mattheron was born from the experience of two mountain winemakers deeply linked to their territory: the Alps: Gianluca Telloli, from Valle d’Aosta, devoted to sparkling wine and in search of the ancient varieties of cider apples in Valle d’Aosta and in the Valle di Chamonix and Giorgio Maffei from Alto Adige , creator of the Alpin Charmat method.

We use varieties of Raventze, Renetta, Crétchien d’Hyver, Reine de Renetta and Granny Smith apples that come from Valle d’Aosta, Alta Savoia and Alto Adige from mountain apple trees that represent the best synthesis of biodiversity in the Alps.

The fermentation lasts about a month with the aim of maintaining the aromatic complexity of the Granny apples and of the Antey Reinette apples, leaving the tannic complexity of the Reine de Renetta to blend best with the sweetness and acidity of the Raventze.

Maley Cidre Jorasses Classicum 75cl


Serving temperature from 8 to 10 ° C.

Alcohol content: 7.5%
Manufacturer: Maley

Tasting notes

Apple Variety: native Raventze apple from the Aosta Valley
Fermentation: In steel.
Color: Slightly turbid, straw yellow with greenish reflections.
Aroma: intense, persistent, fine, with clear floral, fruity and vegetal notes of hawthorn and field flowers, rightly ripe apple, and mild d ‘almost dry mountain herbs.
Taste: semi-dry, fresh, tasty, slightly mineral, light but composed, persistent, with a pleasant sapid-bitter aftertaste. Aftertaste: savory vein and floral, fruity and vegetal notes.
Bollicina: effervescent with fine and fairly continuous grain.

Aperitivo Liquore al Sidro Maley 70cl


Gianluca Telloli, enologo valdostano, votato alla ricerca e valorizzazione delle antiche mele di montagna coltivate in altitudine, con l’aiuto di Alessandro Revel Chion maestro distillatore e liquorista, sapiente interprete della storica scuola erboristica piemontese, ha creato questo liquore a base di sidro, un aperitivo d’altri tempi in pieno stile belle époque.
Partendo da un sidro base frutto dell’assemblaggio delle mele alpine, l’aroma di base è ottenuto con l’assenzio abbinato ad angelica, maggiorana, timo e salvia sclarea.
Il suo abbinamento con aromi contenenti componenti amari (china, genziana, rabarbaro e legno quassio) equilibra il dolce creando una sorprendente armonia in bocca.
La nota profumata derivante dalla scorza dell’arancio dolce e amaro e dagli oli essenziali di altri agrumi ingentilisce il profumo.
Consigliamo di provare il Cristallier in aperitivo con un cubetto di ghiaccio ed una fettina di zenzero, meraviglioso con un formaggio stagionato di capra, rigenerante e rilassante come digestivo.

Gradazione alcolica: 18,0%
Produttore: Maley