All about cider

Cider: beyond wine, more than beer

Cider is born from the fermentation of apples: the alcohol content can vary from 2% to 8%. Even if any apple can be used to brew cider, a specific kind, the cider apple, does indeed exist.
The major producers are the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States and Canada. Most of the major companies producing cider are located in the United Kingdom, with a yearly production of around 600 million litres. The UK is also home to the majority of cider consumers.
In the USA and UK, the definition of cider can change according to the alcohol content of the product: apple juice, hard cider or apple wine, a kind of cider to which sugar or other fruiti s added to create a second fermentation process that highly increases the alcohol degree.
Depending on the apple type chosen and the length of the production process, ciders with different characteristics are brewed. The taste can range from dry to sweet, while the colour palette spreads from pale yellow through orange to bronze. Cider may be either cloudy and rich in sediments or clear, like the white cider, a nearly transparent cider with a relatively high alcohol content.